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Management Training

Quality Assured In-House Training & Open Courses

Are you looking to upgrade the skills of your new or existing managers?

If your answer is yes, our management training courses are just the ticket.

We have trained over 2,000 different organisations and 50,000 managers offering them open courses as well as bespoke solutions that focus on providing your managers with techniques and strategies that they can actually use in the real world!

Please visit the following pages for further information on our management courses or for details of our in-house management training programmes.

All of our solutions come with a unique post-course support package to help you and your managers to implement the learning.

The quality of the training and support that you'll receive is guaranteed. We are an ILM (Institute Of Leadership & Management) approved centre which means that we are regularly audited as part of our ongoing commitment to excellence.

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Why MTD?

Why Choose MTD As Your Training Provider?

Management Development Specialists

MTD specialise in training all levels of management ranging from supervisors and team leaders through to middle and senior managers as well as CEO's. Rather than be a company that delivers all training to all people we just specialise in training managers. This means that we get to know and understanding the daily pressures that they face and the challenges that they need to meet in order to drive the business forward. We run our programmes as in-house training events and we also run open management courses throughout the UK.

Our Trainers Have “Been There & Done That”

All of our trainers have been senior managers in previous lives! This means that they have the scars of battle themselves and can relate to your managers and leaders using real world examples.  One of the prerequisites of working for MTD as a trainer is that you must have worked in a senior management role yourself, working up through the various levels of management in your career. This is vital to bring the learning to life and the trainer gains instant credibility with the delegates.

Great Feedback

You're only as good as your last management course! To that end we keep close tabs on the feedback that we receive from our clients. We live and die by the results that we achieve for our clients and we are constantly looking to raise the bar to offer new and innovative products and services for them. Our management courses are continually evolving and improving as we take action on the feedback that we receive.

Embedding The Learning

The end of the course is just the beginning not the end of the learning process! We will provide your managers with a whole host of tools, resources and information to help them embed the learning back in the workplace – after all, that’s when the real work starts! We also provide unlimited amounts of email and telephone support from our team. Just imagine that you’ve got a performance meeting with someone who is direct and unapproachable; using the techniques that we would have covered on the course you develop a strategy on how to handle this person – well, you can email or call us for our feedback on the approach that you plan to take! Now that’s development!

Flexible Solutions

No matter whether you’ve got 200 managers across 10 different countries or if you’ve got 2 managers in 1 company, we’ve got a variety of management training solutions that can help you ranging from on-going management development programmes over 12 months through to online accredited management courses. All of our solutions are flexible and cater for all types of requirements and budgets.

We Don’t Do “Talk & Chalk”

We’re not into delivering “death by powerpoint” or long boring training sessions! Instead, our programmes include brain friendly learning techniques that are practical, fun and based on “doing”. We want your managers to go away with a toolbox of skills and techniques that they can use as and when. We’ll ask your managers to come into our courses with real life examples of where they need help and assistance and we’ll make sure that we deliver exactly what they need.

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